Why Buy with us

Many people choose to use investment property as their desired vehicle for wealth creation.

Buying and continually acquiring investment property in line with persons desired financial goals has proven to be highly rewarding for many Australians, and disastrous for others.

Getting things right with an investment property is critical, and each individual dependent on their circumstances will look to find a property that best meets their needs.

The reason Onsite Property is sought after by experienced investors is that we specialise in selling properties with on-site management and tenants in place, something which many of the more sophisticated and successful investors prefer. Knowing there is someone managing and maintaining your asset on-site with a vested interest in the complex is viewed by successful investors as secure and superior to what a local real estate agent can provide.

You may have been referred by your accountant, financial planner or by a manager to Onsite Property to ensure you get a sound property at an attractive price. We offer a range of new and existing properties, from city high rise to beachfront resort style, to medium density suburban property investments.

Why Does Onsite Property Promote Both New And Existing Properties When Most Agents or Companies Promote New Properties To Investors?

You may have heard from many or you may have previously purchased a new property assuming that higher depreciation and tax benefits obtained by buying new can offset any perceived disadvantages. In many cases, there are fantastic new and off the plan opportunities that provide fantastic potential investment vehicles and on some occasions an opportunity may be endorsed and marketed by Onsite Property.

Many savvy property investors who have previously purchased an off the plan property choose to move to an existing property, rather than new as they progress through their property investing plan, with tax depreciation being less critical for many as they continue to acquire new properties and their income tax benefits are already maximized.

These investors get the same location, growth and return opportunities as the off the plan investor albeit with lesser depreciation and tax benefits, but any disadvantage is offset by purchasing at an attractive, affordable price often at a better rent to value ratio.

As well as vendors needing or being forced to sell at times, many owners and investors are choosing to sell an investment that has been successful for them, realizing capital growth. If a property is in a desired location and the fundamentals of the region remain the same, it is just as likely the next investor will benefit from the same demand and subsequent growth forces over time. For instance, a property within a 15 year old complex in a location that cannot be repeated, that is well maintained, has hands-on resident unit managers and has a better rent to value ratio than a new property can be just as lucrative and rewarding for the next investor as for the last from a capital growth perspective.

A quality resident manager is often the difference between a well maintained, well regarded complex or development and the majority of properties we sell within Onsite Property have resident unit managers who adhere to industry leading standards of practice, using the most modern and up to date resources.

Please contact us if you require any information on investing in property, we wish you the best of luck with your investment outcomes and hope that a carefully chosen property through Onsite Property can further assist your wealth creation.

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