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The purchase of a management rights asset comes with significant risks and potential rewards. Mitigating business risk is a key priority of successful Resident Unit Managers, and the single greatest danger facing a resident Unit Manager is the erosion of the rent roll and therefore the asset value over time if the number of properties under management decline due to sales being made to owner occupiers, or due to competing managing agents marketing to owners in a managers building or complex.

Onsite Property has built its business around mitigating these risks  for Resident Unit Managers, adding both infrastructure and a quality sales outlet for a Resident Unit Manager in their building or complex to ensure stability and growth where possible in their management asset. Protecting and growing a Resident Unit Managers rent roll is Onsite Property’s absolute priority.  

Additionally, as the largest investor and stakeholder in a complex, a Resident Unit Manager has traditionally derived revenue from the complex and rental management fees, with the sales component often influenced by outside forces without a vested interest in keeping values in the complex or in maintaining the value of the management asset. Often managers are responsible for multiple inspections throughout the marketing and sales process and often their input to buyers about the complex is a key factor to purchasers making decisions.

A Resident Unit Manager in today’s environment must  receive revenue whilst protecting and growing  their rent roll through strategic investor sales within the complex.

Through the overwhelming need for a service that allows a Resident Unit Manager to either conduct sales or alternatively engage a skilled representative to enact the sales on their behalf, Onsite Property was born.

Charging no more than industry standard commissions and generally requiring no money for marketing, vendors are treated to first class service and first class outcomes, with local agents unable to compete on infrastructure, databases and specific product knowledge and this is a key component of Onsite Property’s sales success in the marketplace.

Resident Unit Managers have found either referring owners to Onsite Property or conducting the sale through Onsite Property to be the most successful option in mitigating the major risk in their business

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