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Protect your rent roll and power your business with Onsite Property

The most comprehensive service to Resident Unit Managers has given you now even more reason to join!

We are offering :

  • 1. Complete Access

Full access to Onsite Property’s suite of infrastructure, including various local and international portals for rental and sales listings, a range of modern tools and technologies, property data, real estate forms, property research for your suburb, and more.

  • 2. Your choice

 Non-Selling Manager

Your choice of a dedicated complex representative to protect your asset and look after any sales in your complex to investors. You are provided with a $1000 referral fee.

Or Alternatively

Selling Manager

Work with Onsite Property, our investors and our low cost marketing strategies to sell properties in your building or complex yourself and generate 50% of the total sales commissions. All sales and listing administration and paperwork is done by Onsite Property, as well as marketing and canvassing for investors on your behalf.

Resident Unit Managers  can contact us by Emailing us for further details  or phone John Diprose on 07 3106 0666.


We welcome your initial phone call when you are considering joining us. When you are ready to form your partnership with us, have read the terms and conditions and have completed your sign up, you will given immediate access to our resources area where you can access much of the Onsite Property Resources.

Within 24 hours of joining us, the following will be initiated:

Step 2 – Set Up and Training
1. We will contact you to welcome you and discuss any queries and questions you may have.
2. We will provide an overview of the tools now at your disposal
3. We will provide you with access to our services, infrastructure web portals, and train you on as required on uploading your listings
4. We will discuss with you our simple sales and sale referral processes. 
5. We will ensure we have completed the building profile and have photos and any additional information on your property and its amenities (for presentation on our website to prospective tenants and investors).
Step 3 – Ongoing Support
– We will be available for support during business hours and after hours through your relevant representatives mobile number.
–  You will be given periodic property research, market updates and the like for you to include in your ongoing correspondence to your owners as you require.
– You are afforded access to a range of regularly updated pre-written letters to owners, and templates for newsletter marketing and e marketing tools.
Sales Referrals OR Sales Partnering
Depending on your initial choice of choosing to sell or instead referring prospective sellers to Onsite Property, we aim to protect and where possible grow your rent roll through providing quality sales solutions in your building or complex to vendors, marketing properties as they come available to property investors and aiming to keep values and realizations for owners as strong as possible.
For those managers not conducting their own sales, we understand that despite us being the most appropriate agent to get results,  not all owners may choose to engage us. All we ask is that we are nominated as your preferred agent for sales in your building or complex when an owner discusses potentially selling their property.

Our Services


Property Sales

Industry leading outcomes with minimal outlay.
Retina Ready

Project Marketing

Wholesale and Retail project marketing solutions with minimal outlay, servicing boutique developers through to largest developers in Australia.
SEO Ready

Management Rights Sales

Buying and selling Management Rights has never been easier than through Onsite Property.
Custom Widgets

Resident Unit Managers

Services to protect your rent roll, innovate your business and reduce fixed costs.
Frontend Submission

Property Acquisitions

Let Onsite Property's tertiary educated researchers and economists help you acquire the right property in the right timeframe, on or off market.
Prepared for Bootstrap

Property Research

Concise research and market interpretation from some of the most clever minds in the industry.